UDC On the Advantage and Disadvantage Answers

For the passage below, give:

1) an explanation of what Nietzsche means in the passage quoted,

2) the general context in which it occurs, and

3) how that which Nietzsche intends to communicate through the quote fits into On the Advantage and Disadvantage as a whole.

“So the individual becomes timid and unsure and may no longer believe in himself: he sinks into himself, into his inner being, which here only means: into the heaped up chaos of knowledge which fails to have an external effect, of teaching which does not become life. If we regard their outside we notice how the expulsion of the instincts by history has almost transformed men into downright abstractis and shadows: no one dares to show his person, but masks himself as an educated man, as a scholar, as a poet, a politician. . . . While there has never been such sonorous talk of the ‘free personality’ one does not even see personalities, not to speak of free ones, rather nothing but timidly disguised universal men.” (p. 29)

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