University of Toronto Current & Future Greenhouse Gas Emissions in China Paper

1. What are the expected future impacts of climate change on China’s ecosystems and economy? Show how the impacts increase with different levels of global mean temperature increases. Justify your choice of the maximum allowable global mean temperature increase based on the effects on China.

2. Show the current-day amounts and sources of greenhouse gas emissions from China, how they have changed over time and make projections regarding future emissions. Using Excel to do this would be good idea.

3. Show how your future energy generation mix differs from the current-day mix.

4. Use Excel to plot various economic, energy, emissions and climate change data. Note that the World Bank Data Set contains many useful climate change indicators. Some informative time series data that can help us to see trends include population, CO2 from fossil fuels, cement and gas flares, GHG net emissions/ removals by LUCF (forestry and land use change activities), agricultural methane emissions, other GHGs, GHGs per capita, CO2 intensity (CO2 per unit energy), GDP per unit energy use, land elevation below 5 meters, mammals threatened, droughts floods and extreme temperatures.

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