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Is Virtual Cheating Immoral?

To explore the difference between the actual environment and the “reality” we create in our minds, I want to look at how the internet is being used in relationships.

Recently, there have been more and more reports about a person in a marriage having a “virtual relationship” with someone who is not their spouse. These could include emails, text messaging or as it is sometimes called, “sexting” between between them with the messages becoming quite graphic. They never physically meet or have any type of face to face encounter.

The question for this discussion: Even if there is no physical contact between them, should this “Virtual” activity be considered a “Real” form of cheating? Please explain your answer, why or why not. Important: Really explain yourself. I want to see at least 100 words. That would be about a half of a page if you wrote it out on paper. As a second question, I am curious. Have you ever heard of a person breaking up with someone using email? Or even a text message?


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