Walden University Resistance and Resilience & Challenges to Change

For this Assignment, read this week’s Learning Resources, including Howell (2013) on the Columbia disaster.

If necessary, research other online articles related to the Columbia disaster in order to answer the Discussion.

The assignment 1-1.5 pages must include:

  • An explanation of how NASA’s failure to respond to change, such as internal operating procedures, lead to the Columbia disaster.
  • In your explanation, describe how resistance to change affected the outcome.
  • Then, using the example of your own or another organization with which you are familiar, explain one strategy for overcoming resistance to change and building in resilience, and explain why you chose this strategy.

Resources will be provided:

  • Entwhistle, T. (2011). For appropriateness or consequences? Explaining organizational change in English local government. Public Administration, 89(2), 661–680.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
  • Lewis, A. (2012). Finding a model for managing change. Training & Development, 39(5), 6–7.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
  • Packard, T., Patti, R., Daly, D., & Tucker-Tatlow, J. (2012). Organizational change for services integration in public human service organizations: Experiences in seven counties. Journal of Health and Human Services Administration, 34(4), 471–525.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
  • Tummers, L., Steijn, B., & Bekkers, V. (2012). Explaining the willingness of public professionals to implement public policies, content, context, and personality characteristics. Public Administration, 90(3), 716–736.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
  • Howell, E. (2013). Columbia disaster: What happened, what NASA learned. Retrieved from http://www.space.com/19436-columbia-disaster.html



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