Week 1 Discussion Questions and Assignment

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Discussion questions are brief answers. 1 to 2 paragraphs are sufficient as long as the topic is covered.

1.  As the text explained, there is no agreed-upon single definition of terrorism. For example, almost every major U.S. government agency has their definition of terrorism. In fact, hundreds of different definitions of terrorism exist. Suggest the key factors that you believe contribute to the lack of a global definition for terrorism. Provide one (1) example of such a lack of a definition in action to support your response.

2.  From the first e-Activity, create your own comprehensive definition of terrorism. Explain the key elements of your definition, and suggest at least one (1) reason why the elements are important to your personal definition of terrorism. Use your personal definition of terrorism to determine whether or not you believe Hezbollah meets the criteria as a terrorist group. Provide a rationale for your response.

  E Activity 1

  • Use the Internet, and to research various definitions of terrorism. Research Hezbollah and the controversy of whether or not they should be considered a terrorist group as well. Be prepared to discuss.

3.  From the list on the second e-Activity, determine the time period in which the meaning of terrorism at that point in time most closely resembled one (1) meaning of terrorism today. Determine the time period that you believe had a different meaning of terrorism than it does today. Provide a rationale to support your response.

E-Activity 2

The term “terrorism” was first used in modern Western history to describe the repressive actions of the French government against its people during the so-called “Reign of Terror.” The meaning of terrorism has evolved over time. Use the Internet to research the following major events / time periods in which the meaning of terrorism changed:

a.  The Reign of Terror

b.  The Napoleonic Wars

c.  Revolutionaries and Nationalists during the mid-19th century

d.  Communists in the Soviet Union

e.  The Enlightenment

f.  The American Revolution

4.  Determine two time periods / major events in which the perceived meanings of terrorism at those times were most closely related. Provide a rationale to support your choices.

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Assignment #1: Public and Private Security ( Use APA formatting)

Create a chart with two columns and list as least 10 differences between public and private security. Also, include your favorite website for public security and private security.

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