West Los Angeles College The Old Testament Biblical Narrative Essay

Biblical Narrative Essay

Prompt: Pick a narrative from the list below. Reflect and define what you believe to be the theological statement of the narrative. (in other words what does it say about God and God’s people.) We know that the narratives are used to define a group of people. What is being defined here?

Paper Flow example:

Paragraph 1-2 – Introduction, summary and thesis (your theological statement)

Paragraph 3-5 – statements that support your claim. What does the bible say in the story that supports your theological statement? (For example, if your claiming the story say the God is love. Then why do you say that based on the text you just read.)

Paragraph 6- conclusion (restate your thesis and supporting statements and what does it mean for us?)

Grade Rubric:

_____ Follows the prompt, has a clear thesis and supporting statements (content)

_____ interaction with resource (the Bible)

_____ Grammar/Mechanics

_____ Format follows formal essay

_____ Other

Total: 15pts

Biblical Narratives in Genesis

The Story of the Flood and Noah (6-9)

The Story of Abraham (12-25)

The Story of Isaac ( 25: 19-26; 35)

The Story of Jacob and Esau (27:1-37:1)

The Story of Joseph ( 37-50 )

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