Westcliff Major Writing Project 3: Entering a Conversation and Making Claims

Major Writing Project 3: Entering a Conversation and Making Claims (3-4 pages)

First, read “Escape from the Western Diet” p. 624 AND “How Junk Food Can End Obesity” p. 681.

Part 1:

Review the comments from MWP 1. At the top of your paper, write a paragraph in which you explain what you worked on in MWP 3. You should explain how the feedback guided your process and what you did to address the issues noted. Here is an example paragraph:

The comments on my MWP 1 revealed that I need to work on in-text citations, on shading my summary toward my claim and on using consistent tense. To fix these issues, I reviewed citations guidelines on the Owl at Purdue and doubled checked each citation for proper punctuation. I thought carefully about my claim and made a list of points from the articles that spoke directly to that claim. I omitted everything else. Finally, I did a careful reading to be sure that I used consistent tense throughout.

Part 2:

After reading Michael Pollan’s “Escape from the Western Diet” and David Freedman’s “How Junk Food Can End Obesity,” explain how the authors agree and disagree (They Say), and craft your own response to the to the issues the essays raise (“I say”). Your argument (I say) should be substantial (about half of the essay) and should be fully supported with evidence. You might use personal experience, statistics, academic research, or others’ arguments (there are many readings on food in the book!) such as Op-Eds, etc. Also, make sure you include a naysayer to show possible objections to your argument, and address the “so what?” factor: why does this issue matter?

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