What is in it for me?

In our Week 5 reading we began learning about the value of focusing on our customers.  In our reading this week we will dive even deeper into the concept of focusing on our customers and creating value for them.  We’ll also read about creating value for our shareholders which is not always an easy task nor one that everyone agrees upon.   Shareholder value is actually quite commonly debated.   You and Emma just love your discussions and debates about performance management and all aspects of CM Tech.  Today proves to be no different.  Emma asks you what it means to create value for the CM Tech shareholders.In your initial discussion post share with your classmates what it means to create value for the shareholders of CM Tech and what that means to CM Tech’s customers.  Is it possible to create value for both the customers and the shareholders?  Is it possible that these two goals could be contradictory at times?   In your responses to your peers expand on your agreement or disagreement with their views of shareholder and customer value.Support your initial post with at least one scholarly reference.

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