Why Did the Government Under the Articles Fail & How Did the Constitution Address These Issues?

4.1 What was the role of the Second Bank? Who supported it? Who opposed it? Why?

4.2 How does the Market Revolution and the Second GreatAwakening lead to the reforming impulse of the Northern middle class?

4.3 What are the economics of slavery? How did the economics of slavery shape Southern politics and Southern society and social hierarchy?

4.4What is meant by Manifest Destiny? What are the goals of the proponents of Manifest Destiny? How are these goals influenced by sectionalism? What are the arguments of the detractors of Manifest Destiny?

4.5 Why did disunion occur? What role does the election of 1860 play?

Case Study 3.1 Native Americans and the Young United State

3.1 What was Tecumseh’s Vision and why did it fail?

3.2 What were Tocqueville’s and Dicken’s views on the United States and Americans? How did they differ? How were they the same?

4.1How effective are Grimke’s arguments? How is her message to Southern women different from the Philadelphia address? What are the similarities? What does the burning of Philadelphia Hall by a mob tell you about abolitionist sentiments in the North in the 1830s? What does it tell you about the acceptance of women into the political sphere?

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