Why is progressive discipline necessary in the workplace, discussion help

At least 250 words each…no copied content…1 reference…APA Stylre


Why is progressive discipline necessary in the workplace and, why should the Principles of Justice be important if you have a process of disciplining employees – what is an extenuating factor in involuntary turnover?


Why is having a High Performance Work System beneficial to any organization and what are three critical conditionals that HR professional can support in creating this type of workplace condition.  (Answer the first question, then list those three conditions, based on your interpretation from the chapter).


If you were the manager for your department, from the chapter reading, 1.  Identify your preferred method of evaluating your staff members, 2. Why?, 3. What do you think are the pros and cons for using a performance management process, 4. What do you think will be the ideal performance management process for Millennials – Generation Y (employees ages 35 to 22) ?

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