Write a complete News report writing homework help

For this assignment, you will write a complete news story for print or the Internet using information you will collect from the speeches assigned by your professor. This will allow you to further develop your reporting skills for covering meetings.

Your hypothetical target audience for this story is a nationally circulated newspaper or website, such as The Washington Post or The New York Times. (It’s definitely hypothetical because when these stories occurred, there were no websites.)

Your story must meet these requirements, as well as the usual standards for a good news story:

  • Use correct AP style.
  • The required story length is 300 to 400 words.

You will read the speech as if you were a reporter covering that speech. After reading the entire speech, you will write a News story about the speech. First, you need some background information about the speaker and the time frames the speech was delivered.

You are writing a News story as if you were covering that speech as it happened today.

Here are some information (See whole speech in the file I attached):

President John F. Kennedy
The speech you are about to listen to was delivered on Oct. 22, 1962, on a national television broadcast from the Oval Office. President Kennedy requested time on all three national TV networks. The networks provided this time for his speech. (This was a time before cable TV. The networks were ABC, CBS and NBC. This was also a time before satellite communications, meaning that radio and television signals had to be distributed via microwave and special AT&T phone connections.)
Historians say that the world was never as close to a nuclear war as it was on that day.
Fidel Castro was in power in Cuba. He was one of the primary leaders of the Cuban revolution and seized power in 1959 when his followers ousted Fulgencio Batista. Later that year, Castro consolidated his power and told the world that Cuba had transitioned into a communist nation. Americans were expelled from the island, and American businesses were nationalized without compensation.
This was also the start of Cubans fleeing their homes and moving to Miami. At the same time, thousands of moderates, teachers and professors were killed or tortured in inhuman prisons.
President Dwight Eisenhower broke off diplomatic relations with Cuba on Jan. 3, 1961, days before John F. Kennedy was sworn in as president.
On April 17, 1961, 1,400 CIA-trained Cuban exiles landed at the Bay of Pigs in Cuba. The plan was for these troops to secure the beach, then launch an attack that would take over control of the island and overthrow Castro.
Plans for the invasion were leaked to Castro, and his military was waiting on the beach and quickly overpowered the exiles. This attack was a huge embarrassment to the Kennedy administration.
Tensions between the United States and Cuba continued to escalate during 1961 and 1962. On Oct. 15, 1962, a U.S. spy plan flying over Cuba discovered the construction of missile installations on Cuban soil.
These missile installations were seen by American military leaders as bases for Soviet nuclear weapons a mere 90 miles south of Key West, Fla. (The Soviet Union was often at odds with U.S. policy during this time.)
These missiles would greatly change the balance of military power at that time. America’s response time would drop from minutes for a missile being launched from the Soviet Union to seconds for a missile being launched from Cuba.
In this speech, the president is informing the American public that reconnaissance discovered these missiles and outlined America’s response to this growing crisis.

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