You are preparing a fictitious plan for launching your product (brand) in the undergrad uni… 1 answer below »

**You are preparing a fictitious plan for launching your product (brand) in the undergrad uni

student market. You need to identify the launch period. Is it one month? one semester?



paragraph mentioning the brand and briefly describing the product. Also, specify the

launch period, i.e. duration of the campaign. Then after setting the stage, i.e., the

introduction, you can address the elements of the campaign planning brief. • Marketing Objectives

To achieve sales of x bottles of Pantene Pro V shampoo by the end of the launch

period….something along these lines could be written. No need to do extensive research. • Communications Objectives

remember to include in this section, the communication objective(s) for the print ad

that you have identified at the end of the TARGET MARKET RESEARCH REPORT. In

addition to this print ad communication objective, you are expected to have at least

one other type of communication objective for the campaign chosen from the

following types of communication objectives. So, besides brand name and/or brand

attribute awareness which are the communication objectives you have from your Target

Market Research Report, you must also choose at least one more from the following:

category need, brand attitude, purchase intention, purchase facilitation/drive action


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