You are the hiring manager for the Town of Fairview. The School Superintendent, Ms. Swineland… 1 answer below »

You are the hiring manager for the Town of Fairview. The School Superintendent, Ms. Swineland wants to hire two school nurses for one of the Town’s middle schools, grades 5 through 8. You have recommended two exceptional individuals, Aaron Feinstein and Mary-Margaret Flanagan, whose qualifications meet or exceed the job requirements. After conducting her own interviews, Ms. Swineland has decided that your choices are unacceptable and is angry beyond words because she feels that you did not thoroughly screen the applicants before recommending them to her.

Ms. Swineland has informed you that she is not comfortable hiring Mr. Feinstein, age 58. She doesn’t think that he can relate to the students or keep up with the physical demands of the job so if you insist on hiring him, she wants to pay him less than the younger nurses. Mr. Feinstein has dual American and Israeli citizenship, and having been raised in Israel speaks with an accent. You have explained to Ms. Swineland that Mr. Feinstein has presented appropriate papers documenting his right to work in the United States but given his accent, she is convinced that there must be a mistake. Besides, she only wants to hire “real” Americans with an appreciation of American exceptionalism.

Your second choice, Mary-Margaret Flanagan, is 28 years old, a devout Roman Catholic anti-abortionist and 5 months pregnant with her third child. The Superintendent thinks that you have lost all of your marbles for recommending a woman with significant family obligations that are growing daily. She is also concerned about Ms. Flanagan’s ability to objectively counsel students who want to discuss human sexuality. If you insist on hiring her, Ms. Swineland would like to pay her a little more than the other nurses because she will need to support her growing family. Otherwise, she prefers Ms. Flanagan to Mr. Feinstein because women make better nurses than men.

Your assignment is to explain in a memo to Ms. Swineland why her views regarding the candidates are discriminatory and illegal and may not be used as the basis of her hiring decisions. Discuss the potential ramifications to the Town if acted upon and suggest a solution to the impasse. Include references to the appropriate laws. For the purpose of this assignment, you may assume that the memo is confidential and not subject to public disclosure. Page limit: 3-4 pages.

With respect to your memo, I expect you to use proper business memo format (single space within paragraphs, double space between them), but also comply with APA guidelines pertaining to margins (1 inch), font size and type (12 pt Times New Roman), title and reference pages and source attribution within the memo. Be aware that in order to fully address the issues in the Assignment, your memo will be longer than the typical one-page business memo and should contain scholarly research, properly cited within your paper and the reference page using APA format requirements.

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