2 pages information Systems paper about analyzing a company

In your posting, you need to discuss the following topics.

1.  Describe the company very briefly (one paragraph). what they do, and how they do it), What are the reasons you chose this company?

2.  Describe how Information Systems are used in this company,

3.  Describe the companies Goals, their Industry Structure, Competitive Strategy, Value Chains (Chapter 3), and in what ways are they giving the company a competitive advantage.

3.  Describe what security measures they are using to protect their information systems and data.

4.  If this company hired you as a consultant to improve it’s Information Systems & Security, what suggestions would you make? 

5.  How is this company utilizing Social Media (if at all) to help their organization (Chapter 8)?

6.  If you were hired as the Social Media manager for this company, what would you do? How would you set up their SM infrastructure. and what policies and procedures would you develop?


Your answer should be between 2-3 pages. (single line spacing, font size no greater than 11).

Very importantly, if you include or paraphrase any information from other resources (e.g. from the book or articles on the Internet) in your report, please make sure to use proper citations for these resources.

I do not want you defining the terms (e.g. Value Chain is a network of value-creating activities), instead write about the value chain by showing the activities the company performs. or write about the competitive strategy the company follows, rather than describing competitive strategy and all the different strategies and then mentioning the one used. 

I already know the definitions, and I’m sure every one of you knows how to copy from the book. All you need to do is make a reference to where you got the definition or data from. 

Basically use your space wisely, rather than filling your paper repeating material already written in the book.

– The Company is :

Sprinkles Cupcakes



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