6-7 CONTENT PAGES This must be done APA Style with Abstract, intext citations,


This must be done APA Style with Abstract, intext citations, references and conclusions

  1. select an industry of interest (K–12, higher education, military, corporate training, etc.). MCDONALDS is the company of choice.

 I CHOSE  corporate training,

2. You must select a specific organization to critique from the selected industry. Use the Library or Internet, or share a personal experience of a training or educational organization to choose incidents, reports, or a case study revelation of the hiring, termination, compensation, or professional development practices of the organization. 

3. Critique the organization’s policies and/or practice based on the information presented in your readings, experience, and personal research. Focus on summarizing the current regulations (such as, Equal Employment Opportunity [EEO] laws and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission [EEOC] regulations, Americans with Disabilities Act [ADA], Occupational Safety and Health Administration [OSHA], minimum wage, Family and Medical and Leave Act [FMLA], etc.), how they affect decisions in the area, and what ultimate mandates they require a training department/organization to address. Your research paper must include the the following as follows:

o An introduction of the chosen organization and the industry represented

o A summary of the incidents, reports, or case study used in your project

o An explanation of how the current regulations affect the staffing issues being addressed (which could include but are not limited to recruitment processes, selection methods, how data are managed, termination, compensation, professional development, job levels, variable pay, performance evaluation methods, or employee benefits)

o A critique of the organization’s compliance with regulations

o Your recommendations

o Support for your critique and recommendations as appropriate 

4. Submit the created plan in a Word document following APA format guidelines.

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