Ad Campaign Research

Identify an ad campaign of your own interest and research its effectiveness. It can be a political campaign or a campaign for a product–it is up to you.

Complete the following as a part of your research:

  • Develop a set of measures that would successfully determine the effectiveness of the ad campaign from your point of view.
  • Explain the validity and reliability of your measures.
  • Describe your sample (who would be asked to respond to the questions you develop).
  • Describe your sampling method.
  • Justify your decision for selecting this sampling method.
  • Describe your calculated sample size and show your calculations.
  • Describe your sampling frame and why you have chosen this sampling frame.
  • Explain descriptive and inferential statistics and how they would be used to summarize and generalize your research data.

Submit your paper in a Microsoft® Word document consistent with APA guidelines.

700 words. 

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