AMP492 Grand Canyon Organizational Change and Development Paper

Mininum of 100 words per Question 1 & 2 with sources.

Question 1: Research current change models used by organizations to facilitate change. Compare and contrast two models. Describe the overall approach and goal of each model. What are the similarities and differences?

Some of the models in the book were:

Lewin’s Model

Kotter’s 8 Step Model

McKinsye 7-S Model


Bridge’s Transition

Bullock and Batten

Question 2: Identify a change model that would effectively help implement change in your industry or organization. Outline the strategy you would implement. ( I teach high school- Business Math, Intro to Business Computer Applications, and Publications).

Need a minimum of 175 words for question 3. (This question is for University of Phoenix)

Question 3: A leader is an essential part of project management. Discuss the leader as a project manager- What roles & responsibilities might a leader take to properly manage a project?

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