Analysis of a Foundation Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to conduct research and choose a foundation of your choice. You are to familiarize yourself with the foundation and see how it can be a good source of funds for your organization. Also, be sure the foundation you choose has a listing of recent grantees on its website.

Your paper should include the following information.

1.  Write the name of the foundation, its website URL, and a brief summary of what it does.

2.  Include a description of who is eligible to apply to this foundation.

3.  A description of why you picked this foundation. For example, are you familiar with it? Have you received funding from it in the past? Did you select it because it makes grants in your geographic region?

4.  A description of the project areas in which it makes grants. For example, does it focus solely on education-related projects? Does it make grants in a wide variety of areas?

5.  A description of the process to apply. For example, do you need to submit a letter of intent first? Or do you complete an application as the first step?

6.  What is the maximum dollar amount a grant application can request?

7.  After you review the listing of recent grantees, name the organizations that received those funds and describe the highest and lowest dollar amount awarded.

In addition, please follow the guidelines below.

  • Your report is to be prepared as a Word document and transmitted to the instructor as a Dropbox attachment.
  • The entire document is to be 300–500 words in length, double-spaced.
  • Write well-constructed sentences, with no grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Make sure the paper follows APA format, which includes in-text citations and a reference page.

Note: See the Analysis of Foundation Rubric on the next page.

PA571   Analysis of Foundation   Rubric



The name of the foundation you selected and its website URL


Description of who is eligible to apply to this foundation


Description of why you picked this foundation


Description of the project areas in which it makes grants


Description of the process to apply


Maximum dollar amount a grant application can request


Highest and lowest dollar amount awarded; organizations that received those funds


Paper is 300–500 words in length


Readability and Style

Sentences clear and concise


Sentences well constructed, with consistently strong, varied sentences



Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation followed


Spelling correct


Follows APA style format




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