Answer some questions about TN v. Garner / Garner v. TN, law homework help

TN v. Garner / Garner v. TN – Read this Case!

Hello Scholars!
I want you to read this case early during the course week. (Week 4)
There is a reason I chose the case! I want to demonstrate to you that even though we see a LOT of media of various types focused on related issues within recent years… this issue is not new! Look at the date of the case!
As it was a Supreme Court case, a clear standard was set. But… that standard was based on specific facts, right?
What about other facts? Other cases that may be similar but not exactly the same? What concepts can we take from this case…and apply to other examples/facts? How can we use this case to help attempt to articulate professional standards, and set boundaries and polices -scholars? Enjoy the reading! Be sure to properly credit the resource when you’re responding to specific portions of it within this discussion!

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