Answer these questions using Nike company as example, assignment help

Laws and regulations

What are some key laws and regulations under which this company and industry must operate?

The economy

How does the state of the economy influence the sales of this company’s products?


What new technologies strongly affect the company you have selected?


What changes in the population might affect the company’s customer base?

Social issues

What changes in society affect the market for your company’s products?


How does your company’s relationship with suppliers affect its profitability?


What companies compete with the firm you have selected? Do they compete on price, on quality, or on other factors?

New entrants

Are new competitors to the company likely? Possible?

Substitutes and complements

Is there a threat of substitutes of the industry’s existing products? Are there complementary products that suggest an opportunity for collaboration?


What characteristics of the company’s customers base influence the company’s competitiveness?

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