Answer those questions.

At least 2 full pages in each question. at least two references in each question

Discussion Question 1: See Exercise 2 on page 93 of your text: “Viral Analysis-Is the Firm’s Advantage Sustainable? Individually , prepare an analysis of a Fortune 500 company that you find interesting. Address questions 1-6 in a 4-5 paragraph analysis.

here is the picture of the text: QQu56feu724720131018222528.jpg 

Discussion Question 2:

· Describe Starbuck’s business level strategy.

· How is Starbucks managing its relationship with customers?

· How would you describe the market segment(s) that Starbucks services?

· Is the differentiation strategy appropriate for Starbucks, now or in the future? Why or why not?

· Using the five forces model of competition, how Starbucks plan to position itself in these economic times?

here are some ppts, you need to use the knowledge in the ppts to answer the questions.

Ch 3.pptx 

Ch 4.pptx 

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