Week 3 DQ 5

Please wright a 150 word answer to each question 

1) Do you think that over time, companies can “train” consumers in different countries to accept a product they normally wouldn’t prefer – e.g., French consumers preferring front-loading machines instead of top-loading?

2) Strategic objectives are the foundation for every strategy. Given the importance of strategic objectives, who do you think should be involved in forming them and who should be responsible for making sure they are completed?

3) Do you think a company’s ultimate goal should be shareholder value, or should it be something else – and why?

4) One of the important concepts not covered this week is Corporate Governance. Corporate Governance comprises a large and very important set of duties. Can you explain what is meant by Corporate Governance, how it impacts a company’s strategy and why it’s important to a company?

5) How would the life-cycle phase impact which strategy a company deploys?

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