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Week 4

Made in America, Again–Made in America.pdf

CEO of TJX on how to train first class buyers- access through NU On-line library

Week 4 Article Critique

This week, your professor assigned you an article to read. Now that you have submitted your summary, it is time to critique the article. In your initial post you are asked to do the following.

Criticize an aspect of the article and write a one-page critique of the article.

Questions to Consider

1) “The CEO of TJX on how to train first class buyers”

  • How is a retail buyer role different from a typical industrial buyer’s role?
  • What make TJX’s training approach unique?
  • How does TJX approach and culture compare to your company?
  • Would you like to work at TJX?

2) “Made in America, Again”

  • For the last 25 years the default option on why to build products has been China. What has/is changing?
  • What are the major “hidden costs and risks” that have companies re-thinking global sourcing?
  • Has your company considered re-sourcing or near sourcing?
  • Do you think significant amounts of work will be re-shored to the US? Which types of products are most likely to come back?
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