Article Report About Development Psychology

There are two different ways to go about writing this paper. The first involved picking 2 papers from scientific journals and writing a summary about both and then integrating them. So, for example, you would go to the library and find an article related to developmental psychology and write a summary (2 pages) about the paper. This will, assuming the summary is good, earn you 1% point towards your final grade. If you do a second paper (2 pages) this will earn you an additional point towards your final grade. To get the third percentage point, you need to integrate the 2 papers and be critical (positively or negatively) about them (2 pages). You cannot do a third paper for this third percentage point. If you do this first option, this should yield a 6- page paper. You must have a 7th page in which you provide your references in APA-style.writing assignment must be typed using 12-point, double-spaced Times New Roman font (1-inch margins

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