Article review Teen clinics missing the mark Comparing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections rates Among enrolled and non enrolled Health and medicine homework help


The Article Review assignment will consist of writing a 2-page Executive Summary of the assigned article. Each assignment is worth 50 points of your overall grade. Specifically, your article should address the following:

What is the problem or issue that necessitates that such an article be written? (10 points)

What strategies or techniques are used to solve the problem or address the issue? (10 points)

Your conclusions and recommendations from the article. (15 points)

Your assessment of how the article contributes to helping practicing healthcare managers (15 points)

Select an article based on the subject matter we have discussed in class. Write a two-page Executive Summary (Word document in APA format, double spaced) describing the significance of this article to our course study.

Format for the Article Review: (Include these subheadings):

Introduction (10 points) – The introduction should include the name of the article. What is the problem being addressed? Include a problem statement for the article in your introduction.

Article Review Assessment (10 points) – Identify the strategies or techniques used to solve the problem or address the issue. How is the problem related to our discussions?

Conclusions (15 points) – What can you conclude from the article? What recommendations were made?

Personal Assessment (15 points) – Please provide your assessment of how the article contributes to Health Policy and Economics (i.e., stakeholders, consumers and decision-makers or those practicing health care management).

Link to Article – Provide a link to the article. As with the case study, cite any references to avoid plagiarism and ensure you are submitting quality work (check your grammar, sentence structure, etc.).

Article Review Grading Rubric Student:

Points Possible

Points Assigned


Introduction: Name of the article. Problem being addressed. Problem statement for the article


Style, Grammar, Syntax


Article Review Assessment: Strategies or techniques used to solve the problem or address the issue. How the problem relates to our discussions


Conclusions and Recommendations


Personal Assessment: How the article contributes to Health Policy and Economics


Usable link to article


Penalty for late submission




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