plz check the attachment and follow the instructions (   Quantitative PCR technique )Assignment 1by using – Quantitative PCR  following the  technique and briefly describe it inhalf a page (200-250 words). You can useonefigure explaining the technique.Write inno more than a page and half (400-800 words)about a disease that can be diagnosed by the technique you have chosen. You need to cover the following:- Briefly describe the disease and its cause.- How the chosen technique can be used to diagnose the disease?- Give at least an example from the published literature that reports a case where the chosen technique was used (You can support by figures).- Conclude by describing the advantages and disadvantages of using the technique in comparison with other in diagnosis of the chosen disease.Bibliography- APA style- You must use in-text citation- Number of references, 7 minimum and 10 maximumFormat- Font size 12- Font type Arial- Spacing 1.5- You need to write atitle for your assignment- Plagiarism report zero

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