Assume that you are the System Administrator for a new company site with 125 employees…

Assume that you are the System Administrator for a new company site with 125 employees

working in four major departments: Services (60 people), Marketing (40 people), Finance

(10 people) and Executive (15 people). Executive, Finance and Marketing each have a

file server and an enterprise-level printer. All employees have been allocated a Windows

workstation. No devices have been configured yet as the company was waiting for an IP

allocation from their ISP to set up the new network.

The company’s ISP has just allocated the following block to the company: Your boss asks you to inform her of the following:

Question 1 – Information about the Address (3 marks)

Show your calculations for all of these questions.

a) How many addresses are available in the block allocated to the company,

including all special addresses? (1 mark)

b) What is the network address of the block? (1 mark)

c) What is the direct broadcast address of the block? (1 mark)

Question 2– Allocating subnets from a block (8 marks)

(Continues from Q1) Your boss now assigns you the task of configuring the subnets for all

the departments, ensuring that each department has enough addresses plus at least 5 spare.

Each department is to have its own subnet. All allocations should be contiguous addresses.

Addresses left over should be allocated to a single subnet called General. Put prefixes in

CIDR format.

a) How many addresses will you allocate to each department? Show how you worked

out the number (essential). (3 marks)

b) Calculate the subnet address, including prefix, for each department and

include the General subnet. Show your calculations. (5 marks).


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