Bank of America Company Research

Field Research visit 2 or more locations of bank of America and describe how the service is providedOnline Research Describe how the bank uses its website to provide customer serviceOnline complaint and testimonials visit complaints website and better business bureau websites to see what costumers are sayingTelephone Research call the bank and describe your telephone experienceWebsite Research visit the website of the bank ,evaluate the website using the following criteria:User-FriendlinessEasy of navigationInformation AvailableContact informationInteractivityAttractivenessReadabilitySummarize your research by discussing your findings describe the pros and cons for each service encounter (in store, telephone, website, online reviews).this section should be at least 1.5 pages.then write a one page recommendation for the company to improve any area where you identified weaknesses.Finally prepare a 15 minutes oral presentation to discuss the followingCompany backgroundYour research and findingsYour evaluationYour recomendations

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