Benefits of health and safety, management homework help

I want you to write 6 pages MLA style

about safety and health at work at Costco wholesale that relative to Human resources

this a guideline you can follow

1. Benefits of health and safety as insisted in Costco code of conduct

a. Benefits to the employee in terms of health and fitness

b. Benefit to the organizational goals in terms of productivity and economy

c. Environmental benefits associated with safe workplace

d. Governmental regulations and rules on warehousing

2. Warehouse key principles and guidelines carried out by Costco

a. Awareness promotion in work place

b. Provision of training and other courses

c. Establishment of safety lifting techniques

d. Clear labelling of hazardous zones

e. Elimination of potential safety hazards

3. Use of safety equipment at all times

4. your view of Costco safety and health compliance

5-training for safety

also, this is HR paper so focus on HR

if you can compare it with other competitor for example BJ’s it will be good

just focus on safety and health at work

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