Beyond The X’s And O’s Handbook

Week 8 – Instructions for Chalk & Wire Assignment: Create a Coaching Beyond the X’s and O’s Handbook (7897)

Due Sunday

Submit Assignment: Create a Coaching Beyond the X’s and O’s Handbook (7897)

To illustrate the 4 primary roles of a Leadership Educator (Model, Motivate, Mentor, Multiply), you will be asked to compile your work from this class into a coaching handbook. One way in which a coach can earn the trust of their athletes is by clarifying expectations. Creating a handbook is one way in which to do this. To be a successful leader, you must be someone that has earned the trust of those who you hope to have influence over.

For your final assignment you will create a handbook, “CBXO’s Handbook” (Coaching Beyond the X’s and O’s handbook), that will illustrate your personal strategy to create an environment of trust that shifts the culture of coaching to include a focus that goes beyond the X’s and O’s, and W/L column. Feel free to rename your handbook as you see appropriate.

The handbook should include the following items, and the entries are to be in this order:

  1. Create a unique cover page for your handbook. (Feel free to give it a creative name.)
  2. Personal Mission Statement (From Week 1—update as desired for final submission)
  3. Coaching Philosophy (From Week 2—update as desired for final submission)
  4. Intentional Plan of character/leadership development for your athletes based on the 4 roles of a Leadership Educator. Format the 4 Roles of a Character/Leadership Educator to fit into your CBXO’s handbook as follows:
    1. Intention: Coaches will model behavior within an environment of trust. Write a one-paragraph statement outlining your beliefs regarding the importance in having an environment of trust as it relates to “modeling,” or your influence on your athletes. (Weeks #1–5)
    2. Intention: Coaches will motivate athletes with intrinsic methodologies.
      1. Write an introductory paragraph explaining your beliefs on intrinsic motivational strategies.
        • Insert the defined and intentional intrinsic/relational strategies from Week 3 that will be used in your program. Update as desired for final submission.
      2. Write a one-paragraph introduction expounding on the importance of identifying failure as an opportunity to grow.
        • Insert your Failure Recovery System along with a description on how your coaches are to deal with their own failure from Week 4. Update as desired for final submission.
    3. Intention: With a program, coaches will mentor leaders to develop character and leadership through the Leadership Council.
      1. Write an introductory paragraph clarifying your beliefs regarding the purpose and importance of the LC.
      2. Insert the LC lesson plan that you created in week 7.
    4. Intention: As the environment of the teams and programs mature, the culture will multiply as new members come into the program.
      1. Write a one-paragraph belief statement on what an established culture looks like when expectations and beliefs are understood and passed along.
        • Core Values—Insert your core values from Week 5, along with a description of what they look like in action. Update as desired for final submission.

Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

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