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Provide responses of 500-750 words for the whole assignment and question #4 for should have at least 200 of the complete word count. Case Summary requirements: needed to be formatted like the example list under question #1. The case brief serves as your own personal notes summarizing the case. Case Analysis. Your case analysis will be accomplished by answering questions in each section. Make sure to genuinely explore how you would handle these situations if you were an executive for a particular business. Apply business and legal concepts that you have learned from your reading to each case. Use at least 4 references

Copying and pasting blocks of text will not earn academic credit. No more than ten percent (10%) of written work can be directly quoted from the source

Case Summary

Question #1 Brief the Case Using the follow format below.

Names of Case:



Parties and roles:



Lower court decision:



Case Analysis #1

Question #2 What are the public policy issues presented by the case?

Case Analysis #2

Question #3 Using the Internet, research the current state of habitation modification (from a legal perspective). Is it still valid?

Executive Decision with a minimum word count of 200

Question# 4 Assume that you are the new Secretary of the Interior. Representatives of logging organizations have approached you about reclassifying the northern spotted owl and red-cockaded woodpecker as non-endangered species. How would you evaluate this evidence (note: use the Internet to research how species are determined to be endangered).

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