Calculus Chapter 7

espinje (hidden)

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Password Anaesp9923$$

Point Distribution

Syllabus Quiz: 1%

Chapter Completion (ALEKS): 79%

The lowest chapter score will be dropped when the final grade is computed

Final Exam: 20%

Please note: All times are Arizona time which is essentially PDT in the summer

  • Chapter 3 (Polynomial and Rational Functions)
  • Due: 11:59 PM May 25
  • Chapter 4 (Exponential and Logarithmic Functions)
  • Due: 11:59 PM June 1
  • Chapter 5 (An introduction fo Trigonomentic Functions)
  • Due: 11:59 PM June 8
  • Chapter 6 (Trigonometric Identities, Inverses, and Equations)
  • Due: 11:59 PM June 15
  • Chapter 7(Applications of Trigonometry)
  • Due: 11:59 PM June 22

Final Exam: June 27 (unless taken sooner)

If you finish a chapter before the due date, you may move on

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