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Case Study – Bon Voyage The holiday market represents a highly segmented and targeted market. For example we have Saga type holidays aimed at the over 50’s and designed to fill this group’s needs. On the other hand we have had Club Med and Club 18-30, the latter in particular suggesting the age group these two operators were targeting.

You have been appointed as the new marketing manager for a large travel group, Bon Voyage, offering a range of holiday packages aimed at several parts of the market. The group includes package tour operations, a nationwide chain of travel shops and a fleet of aircraft.

One of the fastest growing parts of the travel market in recent years has been the cruise market. Once the domain of the privileged few, cruises are now available to a much wider target market as costs have come down and incomes have risen.

Until now, the company that just been appointed by you has not been part of the cruise market. It now realizes it may have made a mistake in this respect and wishes to enter the market as soon as possible. The company has negotiated the provision of two cruise ships for the next season, which will sail round the Mediterranean and the Caribbean respectively. The ships have just been refurbished and offer the most up-to-date facilities. Other companies in this market have been predominantly targeting the middle-income groups. However, there remains a part of the market which is aimed only at the luxury end, with high prices and prestigious ships.

The company has asked you to give them some preliminary advice about how to segment this market and which target segments might be most appropriate and why. It also wants to know how its product offerings in this area might be positioned so as to differentiate it from existing competitors.

QUESTION : Prepare a report on advice and information your company is seeking.


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