COMM2200 Columbus State Business Communication Memo Report

COMM 2200

Business Communication

Choose any business topic

Explanation of the Research Report memo 1.5-2 pages

Must have recent published information 3-5 sources

Information that your boss needs.

Why would a company be interested in it?

The purpose of a research report is to gather information about an issue, question or need that the company/organization is facing.The writer of this report gathers and organizes relevant data (called “findings”) from several reputable sources, and may even make a recommendation based on the analysis.

For your research report, you need to choose a current issue or topic related to your technology or field of study.Your topic should be a practical matter with real-life applications in the workplace.

Using library databases as your primary research tool, gather three or four sources of information, including articles and chapters from

  • newspapers
  • magazines and professional journals
  • newsletters
  • databases

Your sources should represent diverse views on the topic and offer a variety of data.

You will turn in a printed list of your sources to me during a future class (please check your syllabus for the date).This list is worth 10 points.

The research report itself is worth 60 points.It will be in standard memo format, addressed to me or to a supervisor at your (real or fictional) workplace, with a minimum of two fully-developed pages.It should consist of the following:


Briefly explain the topic or question you’ve researched.


Objectively summarize the pertinent information from each of your sources, with citations in APA style.


Document your four sources with bibliographical entries in APA style.

For a guide, refer to the “Model research report” handout.

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