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In lieu of a final exam, you will prepare a final project that discusses your learning and understanding of the mass media and their roles in a free society. In a paper of at least 1000 words, please reflect upon the following elements:

  • Discuss the role of mass media in YOUR SOCIETY (it is acceptable to use first person). Address each of these elements and discuss how prominent of a role each plays and what you see as the future of these media in your society and your world.
      • Books
      • Newspapers
      • Magazines
      • Radio
      • Television
      • Digital Media
  • Consider the legal implications posed by mass communications (see the Legal Issues PPT). Of the main concerns, choose one legal issue that you feel will become the MOST CRITICAL for “tomorrow’s” communicators:
      • Name the legal issue
      • Explain why you think this is a top concern
  • Consider the various ethical dilemmas facing the mass communicators throughout history. Choose one case from this list: that you think sets the tone for behavior in today’s world:
    • Name the case or situation
    • Describe why you think this is an ethical dilemma and how this case may affect behavior in today’s mass media world.
  • Finally, through an overall analysis of the content of this class and your experience as a consumer of mass media, evaluate the effectiveness of the mass media in your society:
    • Are the media providing you with the information you need?
    • Do you find the mass communications processes, messages, and methods to be satisfactory?
    • What might you change if you could about the mass media in your world?
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