Crime fighters, social worker, and public servants, law homework help

This is a discussion question post from another classmate I just want to know how would you respond to it.

I think that the law enforcement officers are examples of all three, Crime fighters, social worker, and public servants. I think this because police do anything and everything they can to help people and keep everyone safe. They are crime fighters because they fight every crime that happens in the town. No matter what it is, it’s their job to fight it and keep everyone else safe. They are social workers because if you need help or are struggling you can talk to them. If you need to you can always talk to police officers and they will be able to help you or help you find the help you need. But then they are also public servants because they serve the public and have the duty to maintain the law. They make sure everyone is following the laws and if not then they get them.

Overall I think the police have a lot of jobs that they do all in one. A lot of them go out of their way to help people who need it. Some of them even do little things such as just stop and talk to kids to make their day, they don’t even have to do it but they do because they care about everyone. They do multiple different things to make sure everyone is safe and make sure our town is in good hands. I think the law enforcement need more credit than what they get. If it wasn’t for them we would have a lot more bad people on the streets today.

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