Culminating Project: Content Area Reading and Writing Unit and Analysis.

Culminating Project: Content Area Reading and Writing Unit and Analysis

Develop a two-week content area reading and writing unit that includes the following components:

  • An introduction to the unit which includes:
    • A specific grade level, content area, theme, and topic on which to focus the unit
    • Goals that describe the major concepts students will learn during the unit
    • Common Core or other state English language arts standards addressed through the reading and writing unit
    • Common Core or other state content area standards addressed through the reading and writing unit
  • At least three lesson plans that target the topic and goals of the unit and include the following elements:
    • Measurable objectives built around the standards addressed in the unit
    • Strategies for activating students’ schema and building on students’ interests
    • Strategies for vocabulary acquisition and critical thinking skills
    • Corresponding text from children’s literature or a children’s website
    • An appropriate corresponding website, software program, or effective media tool used in at least
    • Creative text-related activities
    • Creative writing forms for students to use as a response to reading (e.g., a simulated diary entry, recipe, advertisement, travel brochure, trading card, comic strip, postcard, business letter, menu)
  • At least two assessments that involve reading and writing to evaluate students’ understanding of the unit’s objectives (Note: One of the assessments must include a writing rubric or scoring guide to assess student performance)

one lesson

Write a 250- to 500-word reflective analysis in which you address the following:

  • Explain how you will activate and use students’ schema within the unit and how you can build on students’ interests.
  • Describe two to three instructional techniques you can use within the unit to teach the students.
  • Describe techniques you can use to teach students how to determine important information and to synthesize facts, opinions, and other data during the unit.
  • Describe study skills you can teach students throughout the unit to help them better retain the information.
  • Discuss specific techniques, modifications, or adaptations for English language learners and students with special needs.
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