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  • For this journal entry, you should first read and watch all of the related materials in this week’s reading folder. Think about your experiences with diversity, what Sarah Jones is trying to teach you in her video on the Global Village, and what you have learned from the materials in the videos/readings.
  • Then you will pick an article (or two if you like) from the list of Cultural Competency Resources (scroll down to see links in next section) regarding patient care of a particular group (based on culture, religion, and so forth) to read. Note: you should not pick your own culture or religion, rather one you are not familiar with, or based on your stereotype quotient an area you see a need to develop more knowledge or competence with.
  • Next click on the assignment title Culture and Diversity Journal Entry to enter the journal and answer the following questions:
  1. What are at least three aspects of this culture or group that you learned from the article?
  2. Based on what you learned in the article, what information could help you connect with a person from the culture? Be specific (For instance, recognizing spirituality, understanding gender roles, body language)
  3. Based on the reading, what concerns do you have about working with this group, and how might you address concerns you have about this group? Be specific (this could be difference in religious beliefs or cultural practices, your own bias, concerns about good patient care)
  4. How can you continue to develop cultural competence so you can provide good patient care regardless of unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations that arise?
  5. How will attending a diverse institution like NOVA help you in developing these skills?

You should think about how you will handle situations and be honest about your experiences with different cultures, ages, genders, religion, lifestyles, etc. Please don’t answer with “I don’t judge a book by its cover” or “I love all people” or “I have no concerns” because this is about recognizing areas we can improve on or how to learn about people we may not fully understand. Looking inside ourselves and being honest about what we don’t know, need to learn, are uncomfortable with or negative ideas or experiences with one group or the other is part of building our self and skills. It is better now to recognize it and start the learning process than react poorly to a patient at work.

Many of you come from diverse backgrounds and respect diversity, but will at some point face an unknown, possibly uncomfortable situation due to cultural, religious or societal differences so take this opportunity to think and learn about a new group as well as yourself.

Your response must be at least two-three full paragraphs (i.e. 12-15 sentences), using appropriate rules of grammar and punctuation for full credit. You can format your response by numbering 1-5 like the questions, or in paragraphs just be sure you answer all the questions listed above)

Please type it directly in the journal box, do not submit a document.

For all assignments you are expected to use appropriate college-level English, including capitals, spelling and grammar. Use your spell-check and read for typos.


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