Cuyamaca College Arts and Humanities Modern Creative Expressions Worksheet

DESCRIBE, ANALYZE and EVALUATE Francisco Goya’s Executions of the Third of May, 1808 and Pablo Picasso’s Guernica on the worksheet H110CriticismPicassoGoya.docx. Compare the Picasso and Goya paintings. From your point of view, how are the two works similar and how do they differ, keeping in mind that DESCRIPTION is an excellent starting for all humanities observations.

After watching Schama’s documentary on “Picasso”; reading Chapters 2 and 3 in The Humanities through the Arts; and from your own observations, do these two paintings share a common ANALYSIS – is there a common meaning? How does knowing the context of a work bring one to a better understanding of a work of art and thereby a more complete experience with any work of art?

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