DB 8-Review your Sodium Intake

Include the answers to the questions given below with a short summary of the ‘Nutrition debate’ on page 246, as your initial comment of 200 words. Make your 3 follow-up comments on other student’s initial commentsReview your food intake by keeping track of what you are eating and drinking for 24 hours. By looking at food tables available in the book or on ‘Google’ estimate your total salt intake for the day. Provide an estimated value  of salt. (1 point).Are you eating too much Sodium? Find out from the food list on page 238. If you are an athlete, do you drink sports drinks to keep your electrolytes and sodium in balance? Read the write up on pages 236-237.  Is it something you were even concerned about before? Have you ever had dehydration? Findout from the discussion on pages 243-244. How did it make you feel? Can you die from drinking too much water (page 244)? Submit your answers along with your comments in Canvas for Discussion Board 8.

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