De Anza College Christian Church During the Early Middle Ages Essay

• Make sure your introductionclearly lays out what you will be arguing.

• Indent your paragraphs.

• Avoid the use of personal pronouns in your essay.

• Be sure to use transitional sentences to get from one paragraph to the next.

• Check for run-­‐on sentences that need to be broke up into smaller units.

• Break up long blocks of text into smaller paragraphs.

• Remember to cite your sources as you use them throughout your paper.

• Placeany footnotes you have at the end ofthe sentence.

• Number your pages.

• Makea pointof proofreading through your paper when you are done tocatch any errors you may have accidentally overlooked.

• Remove any spacesbetween your paragraphs

• 5 pages means 5 pages

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