Dell Chain Supply, management assignment help

Watch “Dell Direct Model.” Use this video to complete this assignment

Original work in own word if possible.  .  This discussions will be coming from the textbook Pages 90-93 and watch video on Dell Direct Model.  This assignment must be 600-800 words and APA rules for sources.  May sure reference and citations are include if used author words in any forms. DON’T use other work.

Dell has been selling computers for over 25 years with its unique, direct build-to-order, sales model. Read about Dell on pages 90–93 in our textbook and also watch the Dell Supply Chain video and answer the following questions:

-Why has Dell’s direct supply chain been so successful?

-Describe the main supply chain challenges that Dell is now facing and provide your recommendations for solving them.

-Why did Dell decide to sell its products via retail outlets a viable solution? Do you agree with this distribution strategy? Why or why not

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