Develop questions that need to be answered to analyze each aspect of the problem, homework help

Assignment Instructions 500 word min

Assignment: Theory Exercise

Use Chapter 2 for this Assignment.

Look at the below activities:

� Assaults in bars
� Disorderly youth at a movie theater
� Shoplifting at the mall
� Red light running
� Auto theft in a residential neighborhood

 Selecting one of the above types of activity, develop questions that need to be answered to analyze each aspect of the problem analysis triangle:

1. Time
2. Offender
3. Victim
4. Place
5. Handler
6. Guardian
7. Manager

Instructions: Each assignment should be at least 500 words, with APA 6th edition citations and references. Do Not Use MLA or any other form of referencing. 

Remember each assignment post needs to be submitted as an attachment. The assignment should be written in 12’ font, using Times Roman. The font must be uniform and not consist of several different fonts. 

 Margins will also need to be 1 inch. 

  For this assignment, I recommend dividing your paper into sections, as per the Problem Triangle.  You may then list the questions pertaining to each area of the triangle in those separate sections.  Remember, the more questions the better!

  Please remember to include a titled reference section that has been formatted according to APA 6th ed style. i.e. References 

·A minimum of three references per assignment. One reference can include the textbook. However, you will need to include two additional academic sources which can include academically based books, journals and government papers being acceptable. Examples of journals include: 

Journal of Criminology

Crime and Public Opinion



3rd ed.



 (Santos iii)

Santos, Rachel  B. Crime Analysis With Crime Mapping, 3rd Edition. SAGE Publications, Inc, 02/2012. VitalBook file.

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