Disaster Response

Assignment Content

  1. Public health officials can play a huge part in disaster planning and emergency preparedness.

    Analyze disaster response and emergency preparedness:

    • Identify nursing roles and responsibilities during each phase of disaster management. Consider:
    • Planning
    • Preparedness
    • Response
    • Recovery

    Evaluate your community or state’s plan for preparedness and disaster management:

    • Does it include provisions for each phase of preparedness and disaster planning?
    • Does it clearly account for community needs?
    • Does the plan include evidence of thought beyond the written report?
    • Is there evidence of a record keeping system for resources, treatment, and identification of victims?
    • Are there redundancies built into the plan should one option fail? Are backup plans in place?

    Analyze the plan for addressing mass casualty situations.

    Include at least one peer-reviewed and one evidence-based reference, and an APA-formatted reference page.

    Format your assignment as one of the following:

    • 400- 550-word paper

    at least 2 peer review reference

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