Discrimination, law homework help

the requirement is to find links only with the specifications below

I want 4 links for cases that should be

1- location: Maryland state, Washington DC, Virginia, and New jersey.

2- year 2016 only or 2015 but the judgment in 2016

3- topic: about school’s student (high school or less) used social media ( Instagram, twitter, snap chat,…..) in bad manner that leads him to court trail and judged against him such as( jock, threat, drugs…..) and absolutely publish it in social media

4- this case must be:

———- a- has a citation number in court

———–b- Judgment was delivered ( the trail was finished not in progress I need to know what is the judge)

———–c- the links also must be included an explanation for the case, facts, court judgment, all things related to the cases from A to Z. what happened? why? who? …. ets

I need to use it in legal aspect for education

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