Discuss purchase decision and the choice to go back to school homework help

Discuss purchase decision and the choice to go back to school.

Think about your decision to come back to school to complete your degree. Discuss the decision making process you went through when you decided to go back to school to complete your degree. Describe each step in your process. Be sure to be specific and explain how you felt and what you did/thought about etc. during each stage of the consumer decision making process. (See figure 5-1 on page 124 of textbook). In other words, you are to describe what you went through in each step of your decision making process based on the theory in the textbook. This means you must specifically mention the name of each step in the process as it is referred to in the textbook.

Be sure to include this (this is the content on pg. 124 as read above)-

1. problem recognition- perceiving a need

2. Information search- seeking value

3. Alternative evaluation- assessing value

4. Purchase decision- buying value

5. Post purchase behavior- Realizing value

Do not just write about your coming back to school story, I want to see the connection between what you experienced in real life and how it relates to each step in the consumer decision making process theory.

Write a short essay – 600 words, APA format

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