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Should skin color be used as a proxy for genetic relatedness? Maybe similar skin color reflects adaptations to similar ancestral environments and not genetic relatedness. Or maybe similar skin colors reflect genetic relatedness because they are inherited, passed from parent to offspring. Or maybe, we just don’t know and more research into skin color genetics is needed. What do you think? Make sure you have solid facts/statistics to support your stance.And this is a different but related question what about race and skin color? Can skin color be used as a proxy for race? What is ‘race’ anyway? Do you think race is a meaningful biological concept? Written in 1998 on race, think about what this article suggests:https://www.sfgate.com/news/article/PAGE-ONE-No-Biological-Basis-For-Race-3310645.php#page-2 (Links to an external site.)Do all scientists agree?

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