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 locate and read the case study titled “Radiance Reconstructive Surgery” at the end of section 5.3 of your course text.  Complete the interactive module associated with this study. Then, conduct a strategic marketing analysis, similar to the one that Melissa would prepare, for Radiance. Based on this information, thoroughly  answer the following questions: 

  • What marketing strategies should Radiance pursue in the next five years? Explain why the strategies you select would best fit the organization.
  • Should Radiance engage in lifestyle, sponsorship, or event marketing? Explain your answer.
  • Which venues would best match with Radiance’s brand, should the organization choose to move forward with these types of marketing?
  • What damage control techniques should Melissa employ? Or, would she be better off to just wait and let some time pass before responding? Defend your answer.

Your discussion must be one to two pages in length (excluding title and reference pages).  Utilize your course textbook and at least one additional scholarly source.  Your paper and all sources must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.



 The importance of the dynamic process is that there are multiple sharing points throughout the process. Numerous organizations working together at the same time in order to complete a task or project. Possible outcomes are increased. This allows for the “big picture” to be seen and to identify the crucial areas of interest or potential problem areas. Healthcare is an ever changing field that requires quick turn around on varies processes and policies in order to remain relevant and current.

 Linear processes require a step-by-step progression. This progression can be time consuming in that in order for a plan to move forward the response to each step must be reviewed and approved before the next step can be taken. This is a very rigid approach that does not allow for creativity and adaptation to the every changing face of healthcare

 New health care reform legislation and provisions that will take place in the future are at the forfron of the strategic planning process. Long term thinking is the key. Of primary importance to the success of the strategic planning process for healthcare is the insurance market reforms, grandfathering rulesalready established, influence of provisions that will affect the underlying cost of health care, individual and employer mandates, and high-cost plans tax (Pudlowski, 2011).

 IT has been used to access patients’ information, for example. This approach has been proven effective and especially important as this is one example of how IT integrates into the decision making and strategic planning processes (Jaana, Teitelbaum, & Roffey, 2014). 

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