Critical Thinking ExercisesThe objective of these exercisesThis assignment like critical thinking skills so students to ability analyze, interpret, inference, explanation, self-regulation, open-mindedness, and problem-solving.ExercisesOne of your patients is an elderly man who lives alone and who has hypertension along with other health problems, including heart failure.1. Define Hypertension and explain its pathophysiology?2. How will you direct your assessment to identify factors contributing to this problem or identifiable causes of Hypertension?3. Lifestyle modifications to manage Hypertension?What are the factors involved in the control of blood pressure?Guidelines:1. Font should be 12 Times New Roman2. Heading should be Bold3. The text color should be Black4. Line spacing should be 1.55. The length of the write-up should  (2-3 pages ).6. Avoid Plagiarism7. Assignments must be submitted with the filled cover page8. Use graphics and shapes whenever you can9. All assignments must carry the references using APA style. Please see below the weblink about how to cite APA reference style.https://guides.libraries.psu.edu/apaquickguide/intext. Click or tap to follow the link.

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