What is another name for the Internet-based computing?

A) World Wide Web

B) Cloud computing

C) Protocol computing

D) Virtualization


_______ is a business financial transaction conducted electronically.

A) E-business

B) Enhanced customer service delivery

C) Application integration

D) E-commerce


The buying and selling of goods and services over the Internet is commonly referred to as:

A) Network commerce

B) E-commerce

C) Social purchasing

D) Brick and mortar selling


An example of a Web 1.0 application would be ________.

A) an online virtual community application

B) an online wiki application

C) a social networking application

D) a traditional Web site application


Which of the following terms is used to describe the integration of different electronic messaging and communication media into a single interface?

A) Unified messaging

B) Business communication

C) Personal communication

D) Unified communications


One of the advantages of doing business online is that business can be conducted 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Which part of the architecture design allows this to happen?

A) Online data recovery

B) High availability

C) Backups

D) Accelerated routers


10. A ___________ strategy focuses on increasing income to your organization

A) Revenue growth

B) World Wide Web presence

C) Customer acquisition

D) E-commerce


Many refer to the semantic Web as ________.

A) Web 3.0

B) social media

C) Web 2.0

D) social networking


Software that executes on two or more computers in a network is a _________ application.

A) data processing

B) distributed

C) client-server

D) mainframe


______ is commonly associated with Web applications that facilitate interactive, user-created information.

A) Web 3.0

B) Web 1.0

C) World Wide Web

D) Web 2.0

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